Circular Economy in the skilled trades

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by Paul Szabo-Müller

Circular Economy in the skilled trades

Mario Heinemann from the Münster Chamber of Skilled Crafts and Paul Szabo-Müller from Prosperkolleg shed light on circular value creation from the perspective of the skilled crafts sector in a short article. They show that circular value creation already shapes everyday operations in the skilled trades in a variety of ways and assume that it will do so even more in the future against the backdrop of social and political trends (e.g. EU Green Deal). They even put forward the thesis that circular value creation cannot function without the skilled trades. This is because a look at implementation strategies of Circular Value Creation, such as repairing, maintaining or remanufacturing, shows that Circular Value Creation “by definition” involves a lot of craftsmanship and that craftsmanship has valuable know-how that is required to implement Circular Value Creation.

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Circular Economy im Handwerk