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What is driving research in the Circular Economy (Circular Value Creation)? Which questions could already be answered? Where are there gaps? Who is currently researching what and what is already planned?

A key success factor for the Circular Economy (Circular Value Creation) is the collaboration and cooperation of various players from a wide range of disciplines. The Prosperkolleg aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines in order to jointly analyze the potential of the circular economy (circular economy) and to develop circular strategies and solutions.

The Virtual Research Network Circular Economy NRW (short: CE Research NRW) promotes the exchange of members, organizes events and workshops and aims to implement joint research projects. Through the network, existing competencies can be bundled, research gaps identified and synergies exploited.

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Networking of research actors - exchange on open source communication platform

Contacts to associations and companies in the region and for the initiation and acquisition of projects

Monthly web seminars on specific issues of the circular economy

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For the exchange in the network we use an open source communication tool. On the platform, network partners can exchange information in topic-specific channels and send direct messages to each other. The channels offer the possibility to define, discuss and debate topics. For example, they offer space to get to know each other as well as for an exchange about funding opportunities, projects, events or teaching about the Circular Economy. In addition, all information about the web seminars is announced on the platform and presentation materials are shared with network members.

Monthly web seminars on the Circular Economy

The network aims to address various issues of the circular economy and to serve the exchange of information and knowledge. Therefore, on the first Thursday of each month at 3:00 p.m., a research web seminar is held, to which network partners, researchers and people interested in the Circular Economy are invited.

In addition to 20-minute presentations on selected circular topics, participants will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers in open discussion sessions. Depending on the number of participants, rounds of introductions will also be held. The monthly rhythm of the event provides a regular exchange. Prosperkolleg demands and promotes open and respectful interaction within the network.

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Web Seminar Series 2022 on the EU Circular Economy Action Plan

The EU Circular Economy Action Plan will set the course for more circularity in the economy and society across Europe and have a major impact on the way we design, produce and use things. In the future, consumer rights in the economic region will be strengthened and waste will be prevented. In addition, product design is already to become more sustainable. Products should be designed “to have a longer lifespan, be easier to reuse, repair and recycle, and contain the highest possible proportion of recycled materials rather than primary raw materials” (European Commission, 2020).

Another pillar is to focus on different sectors where great potential for circularity is seen, as they have high resource consumption or strong environmental impacts. The Circular Economy Action Plan includes initiatives on the following key sectors or product value chains: electronics and ICT, batteries and vehicles, packaging, plastics, textiles, construction and buildings, food, and water and nutrients.

As many CEAP initiatives take concrete(r) shape in 2022, the research network would like to take a closer look at the sectors mentioned and dedicate a web seminar to each of them every month. Speakers from practice and science will shed light on product value chains from different perspectives and highlight potentials for circularity.

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