What are the benefits of qualification in the field of Circular Economy?

Prepare yourself and your stakeholders to operate more sustainably and crisis-proof with Circular Economy. Companies, employees, freelancers and other stakeholders should have a high interest in this.


Retain your skilled workers and increase your attractiveness to professionals who are increasingly looking for "sustainable" jobs.

Working atmosphere & satisfaction

Promote a sense of "we", satisfaction and productivity through continuing education for the sustainable transformation of your company.

Competencies & Innovation Capability

Learn new ways of thinking and acting and thus increase your innovation and competitiveness.


Learn how to meet new regulatory requirements, customer demands, etc. and create good and secure jobs through circular economy.

Business models

Tap into the growing business area of circular economy through new business models.

Material & Cost

Learn to better manage scarce resources and energy to reduce costs and have enough materials on hand.

What we offer

Circular Economy Transformation Canvas

What are your qualification needs?

Knowing your qualification needs is an important basis for our qualification concepts. With our tool “Prosperkolleg-Canvas” we collect together your starting position and goals for Circular Economy and derive suitable qualification concepts.

Guide to qualification offers

We have compiled selected qualification offers for you and created our own information on how to get started. The range extends from web articles, podcasts, videos and (mini-)games to comprehensive (online) courses. Take a look and find the format that suits you.

Pfeile auf Betonwand

Qualification concepts for consultants & multipliers

Under the motto “Train-the-Trainer” we develop concepts for the training of consultants and other multipliers of the Circular Economy, for example from innovation and business development.

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