Potential Check Circular Economy

Potential Check Circular Economy

The “Green Deal” adopted by the EU has set ambitious targets and also outlined a policy framework for the Circular Economy. Europe is to be climate-neutral by 2050. In this context, 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are to be saved through the circular economy, i.e., through resource-conserving circular economic activity. But it is not only for these reasons that it makes sense for manufacturing companies to address the issue early on and build up a circular strategy. A corresponding, accompanying offer is provided by the Prosperkolleg.

What does Circular Economy mean?

The concept of circular economy describes a sustainable economic system in which thought and action are taken in cycles that are as closed as possible in order to secure the economic and social benefits of products, components and materials in the long term while respecting the ecological limits of our planet.

Circular economy thus contrasts with the currently dominant “linear” economic system, in which value creation ends abruptly after a short chain of raw material extraction, processing and consumption with often inadequate disposal, landfilling or purely energy recovery.(continue to article)

Initial interview

Would you like to know what is behind Circular Economy and how you can benefit from it? Then make an appointment - (video) by phone or at your location. In a short exchange, we will be happy to give you an overview of the research project and an insight into the Circular Economy.

Circularity Matrix

Together with you, we conduct a target/actual analysis in the areas of "Circular Product Development" "Supply Chains & Use of Recyclable Materials". "Resource-efficient production" "Retrieval and Remanufacturing & Product Service Systems." by. We then identify the areas that show the greatest potential for action.

Circularity Workshop

In the context of the Circularity Workshop, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the potential for action with you and develop an individual catalog of measures based on this.

Next steps

Learn how to get started implementing each measure and how to get your projects funded accordingly.

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