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Discover the potential of circular economy

The concept of the Circular Economy (circular value creation) offers the opportunity for a more sustainable design of products, services and value chains. We invite you to explore the potentials for your company together with us.

Circular Economy is relevant to you if ...

Your entry into the Circular Economy

We have developed a procedure that accompanies you step by step from the initial potential analysis to concrete implementation measures. Tailored to your individual situation and needs.

Initial interview

Would you like to know what is behind Circular Economy and how you can benefit from it? Then make an appointment - (video) by phone or at your location. In a short exchange, we will be happy to give you an overview of the research project and an insight into the Circular Economy.

Circularity Matrix

Together with you, we conduct a target/actual analysis in the areas of "Circular Product Development" "Supply Chains & Use of Recyclable Materials". "Resource-efficient production" "Retrieval and Remanufacturing & Product Service Systems." by. We then identify the areas that show the greatest potential for action.

Circularity Workshop

In the context of the Circularity Workshop, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the potential for action with you and develop an individual catalog of measures based on this.

Next steps

Learn how to get started implementing each measure and how to get your projects funded accordingly.

Company network

Our regular network meetings offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs from the region and discuss the opportunities of circular business models. Inspiration and practical examples that work will be provided by companies that have already successfully taken the path.

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Testing in the Circular Digital Economy Lab

Benefit from our Development and Demonstration Lab (CDEL), where we develop concrete techno-economic solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The centerpiece is a digitized dismantling and recycling line for electronic equipment. In addition, a modern chemical analysis laboratory is available for material flow characterization.


Are you looking for qualification offers in the field of the Circular Economy for yourself or your employees? Contact us, we will be happy to present our offers to you or develop concepts with you that combine joint learning and online-supported self-learning offers.

On the pulse of research

The Prosperkolleg research network addresses various issues of the Circular Economy from a scientific perspective. All interested parties are welcome to participate in the regular web seminars. Every first Thursday of the month.

Frequently asked questions:

In the current economic system, the value creation of manufacturing companies usually ends with the sale of a product. The concept of circular economy, on the other hand, focuses on the entire value network and brings economic advantages. Explore how you can develop a sustainable and crisis-proof business model with extended value creation.

We offer you initial discussions and workshops for professional as well as funding support for your concrete project implementation. These are part of our action-oriented research approach. In addition, we have access to a large regional, national and international network of trainers and experts.

The Circular Economy is a central component of the new European industrial strategy. More and more companies are setting out to develop circular products or business models. Join us to discover examples of good practice and learn about the circular approaches taken by suppliers, competitors and customers in your industry. Approaches you can explore in our events.

Yes, as a funded project, the first phase of collaboration is free of charge for you. It is part of our action-oriented research approach. If you are interested, we will put you in touch with other partners from our network.

Yes, because together we’ll consider which of the circular strategies might be right for your business. In doing so, we refer to industry-specific “good practice” examples and the state of the art and are happy to network you with potential partners in your region or value chain through our events.

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